The Tim Mercer Story

Mission Statement

To display a true golf professional; who is committed to achieving excellence, while maintaining integrity, discipline and innovative techniques to reach peak performance and optimal

As I display dedicated discipline to training my body and mind to reach the my full potential, I see my dream clearly. Fairly young at the age of 14, I started playing golf in my freshman year of high school. Picking up the game late, I found excitement and saw myself as a good golfer one day. Distance came naturally! I played golf from 8a.m. to 8p.m. during the summer before my sophomore year of high school and got exceptionally well at the game. This led to me being chosen as captain of my high school team and playing the #1 spot. I was voted MVP for both the season and conference.

Fast forwarding, I graduated from Roosevelt High school in Gary, IN in 2008 and achieved a golf scholarship to Prairie State College. Had a great but short time time there and went off to Vincennes University for 3 three years. Unfortunately, I did not play golf those 3 years of college. After graduating with my Associates from there I regained the focus to play golf at the professional level. This would be much work because of the vacation that I took off from playing golf for three years.

Now at home I was trained at South Gleason golf course in Gary, IN and met a gentleman who knew the golf coach at Chicago State. Fortunately for me, he was looking for some golfers to play on his team. I immediately got the coaches information and set up an appointment to meet with him. To make a long story short, I was given a scholarship to play for Chicago State University in the Spring of 2012.

These were great years due to me playing at the division 1 level with high-ranking and amateurs across the US. I had a lot of ups and downs throughout those years with the experience has driven me to understand what it takes to become a professional and how to display a true athlete. Through the experiences of traveling from state-to-state playing multiple days of golf training in the offseason and mentally preparing for tournaments, this was truly the nurturing grounds for my aspirations to play golf professionally.

Currently I am fully committed to the achievable goal of playing professional golf on tour for a living. Now that I am married I truly have a partner and encourages and keeps me believing that high can exceed every goal that I set out. Through five to six hours a day during the week of practice, constant video of my swing for perfection, hours of collaboration with my swing coach ollen Stephens, whole lot of talent and work ethic to follow, my dream will no longer be a dream but a sure reality.