My Story

Mission & Vision

To display a true golf professional; who is committed to achieving excellence, while maintaining integrity, discipline and innovative techniques to reach optimal performance.

How It All Started

I saw my dream clearly

At the young age of 14, I began disciplining my body and mind, training tirelessly to reach my full potential as an athlete. I started playing golf in my freshman year of high school...

Realizing The Dream

Though I had a rough start, I found golf exciting and as I gained experience I saw myself one day becoming great, perhaps a pro. Distance came naturally! I played golf from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. during the Summer before my sophomore year of high school and performed exceptionally well. Later I became captain of my high school team, playing the #1 spot and was voted season and conference MVP.

Going on to graduate from Roosevelt High school in Gary, IN in 2008 I achieved a golf scholarship to Prairie State College. Shortly thereafter I made another transition to Vincennes University for 3 three years. Unable to focus my attention on golf due to my rigorous studies, I put my efforts towards graduating. After acquiring my Associates Degree, I regained the time, dedication and focus necessary to play golf at the professional level.

The Return Home

The Training Continues

Finally home, I began training at South Gleason golf course in Gary, IN and met a gentleman who knew the golf coach at Chicago State. Fortunately, he was recruiting players for his team. After acquiring the coaches contact information, I set up an appointment to meet with him. To make a long story short, I was awarded a scholarship to play for Chicago State University in the Spring of 2012.

Other Accomplishments
Great Years

Playing D1 with high-ranking amateurs across the US.

Through ups and downs, the college experience inspired me and made me realize the work it takes to become a professional golfer. Traveling from state-to-state, playing multiple days of golf training in the offseason and mentally preparing for tournaments; this was truly the proving ground for that 14-year-olds dream.

I'm fully committed to playing professional golf. Now that I'm married, and have a partner that encourages and believes in me, I possess the emotional support necessary, pushing me to exceed every goal I set. Practicing five to six hours a day during the week, analyzing video of my swing for perfection, hours of collaboration with my swing coach Ollen Stephens and a 'whole lot' of talent and work ethic to follow, my dream will no longer be a dream but a sure reality!

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